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I Don’t Know Half of You Half as Well as I Should Like

… and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.

To the family who started it all.

Somersaulting in snowdrifts, hanging out with the icicles in the trees, and a transitioning between total chaos and picture perfect poses - this is my family.

Since moving back to Missoula, it has been bittersweet leaving the nearness I’d grown accustomed to with my brother, sister-in-law, big nephew, little nephew, and niece. Still, in moving away from them, I found myself living in the same city as my parents for the first time in my adult life, the best feature of attending law school if I’m being honest.

In the moments we are all together, I reflect in awe over the growth of our once little family of four to a family of nine strong. With me on the proper end of the camera for this shoot and my better half bringing home the bacon, capturing these seven dazzling humans is pretty close to perfection in my eyes. I could have continued to shoot for hours, but small bodies can only brave the weather to appease their crazy aunt for so long.



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