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Lexi's Timeless, Riverside Senior Portrait Session

While high school graduation has changed in both process and meaning over the past 100 years, the formative experience marking the transition between minority age to an age of majority is a universal intersection, a full stop and full start in a different direction. Every decision behind you is largely someone else’s and every decision before you is largely yours.

From the perspective of a photographer, senior portraits are a forever tradition marking the transition by showcasing a senior’s individuality, personality, youthfulness, earned self-pride, accomplishment, features, textures, and reflection for them to see all done in a timeless, portable format conveying appreciation for those relatives and friends who participated in the journey. Senior portraits begin a habit of professional portraiture I believe ought to be sustained through all years.

Alexis’ senior experience will be unlike any year prior. Undaunted, Lexi is everything and then some as to what it means to be a graduating senior. She has energy and hope. She embodies ferocity and power. She is feminine and bold. Her eyes carry an aspirational quality depicting humor, brilliance, and focus.

Having grown up with consistent annual or bi-annual family shoots orchestrated by her Mom, Lexi was most comfortable when in total control of her images with the signature smile photographers could shoot without issue all day. That said, the joy in finding those pockets between her curated dazzle and genuine expressions put a rainbow in the sky and made this shoot one I will never, ever forget.


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