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Seeing Yourself as The World Sees You

As a general rule, I do not photograph strangers. If I photograph someone I do not already know, and frankly even if photographing someone I do not know in the creative, authentic, intimate way photographs require, I schedule a conversation (or a few) over coffee, on a walk, or in their place of comfort to get to know the person, family, community I’m being asked to capture.

This introductory conversation becomes unnecessary when I find myself honored by a colleague with whom I work day-in-day out, a close friend who discovers my craft and is bold enough to request a session.

This is Ellie.

Ellie, you have been an integral piece in my self-and-professional growth as a new attorney. I’ve done many things that have left me feeling uncertain, vulnerable, and out of my depth. You provide perspective, encouragement, and consistent trust in the infinite, discretionary decisions necessary to the work. When you asked for the first headshots you've ever had taken, yes, I leapt at the chance to allow you to see yourself as I see you - embodying fortitude, tact, adaptable critical thinking, curiosity, and resolve.

As you find a natural way to self-praise in your newly-promoted position, I hope these captures will inspire you to balance your humility with confidence, your poise with finesse, and your deep-felt care with armor, all in the approachable way truly characteristic of you. I hope these photos serve as reinforcement of the powerhouse you are and invites you to see yourself as the world already does.


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