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I am allowed to bear witness and to facilitate the capturing of a fleeting example of beauty—a memory, a moment frozen in time and with the simple click of a camera.



No one in the world is like you. There is no connection like you share with those you love. Laughing, smiling, and engaging with one another ought to be what your photos are all about.


My Grandmother taught me the importance of disrupting the organic flow of life taking a moment to pause and be still for a camera. She receives so much flack for making people suddenly self-aware each time she brandishes at one point a little digital camera, now her smartphone. Then, long after the grumbling, long after the laughs fade, long after the hugs goodbye, Grandma curates those photos to create annual Christmas ornaments, photo albums, and birthday cards.


My Grandmother taught me the importance of treasuring all the little memories because they culminate into your life-story. She also taught me that  the time, place, and manner of those photos matters. Allow me to accompany you in either a formal, destination-based, stylized shoot or a home-based session where I will be a guest, a witness as your family cooks, bakes, plays, and laughs together. 

Things my Grandmother taught me. 
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Committing to life together is likely the largest decision of your life. For all the details you will consider, capturing the day is vital because this is your real life dream you'll want to relive over and over.

When me becomes we.

Celebrating a life-long, soul-bond partnership takes the form of a million different rituals. The day me becomes we is a day to be treasured. In the moment, there will be a storm of a sensations ranging from total abandon, vulnerability, and tenderness. You being present with your spouse for all of it has the silly little side-effect of lack of recall as to the nuanced details of the celebration. 


As your photographer entrusted with documenting the people, the feelings, the essence of your day, my role is to showcase the unity in a way authentic to the couple. 300-person ceremonies to two-person adventure elopements, I'm there for it so you can be lost in one another. 


All You

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Please allow me to behold you. You will never be the same. Now is the moment to reflect on photos you will share with future generations.


There are key moments in life when it is acceptable or even mandated to appear in front of a camera to smile to mark an achievement. Yet, even more common, there are days you wake up just feeling yourself with an internal sense of accomplishment that may or may not be understood by anyone other than you. 


On those formal days, I hope to ease through the tension and staged vibes to make you laugh, move, and smile until your eyes crinkle a little in the corners. For those less formal days, I hope to see you as you are, in all your glory, whatever that may mean to you. I'll be your mirror because you are worth being showcased.

I'll be your mirror.


Such a great photographer you are! These [the photos] are just so amazing!!! I cannot pick a favorite.


You just did such a wonderful, great job. You did a beautiful job on our pictures. Just shows your talent when you can make me look so good.


Oh my goodness! I love ALL of them! They [the photos] were so perfect! That [the story] was honestly the sweetest thing I've ever read, and it brought back a lot of beautiful/fun memories. 


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