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You are a big deal.​


People are unique and vibrant energies in life impacting one another with multiplicity beyond comprehension. I am allowed to bear witness and to facilitate the capturing of a fleeting example of beauty—a memory, a moment frozen in time and with the simple click of a camera. 

If you have a day in your world you would like to immortalize, please contact me. Whether it be a wedding, a birth or if you just feel good about yourself one day, no reason is too small nor too big to treasure forever.


Their Love, Life, and Connection 

I began Project Grandparents to capture and celebrate my maternal and paternal grandparents who have all been very active and vibrant in my life. Their love, their lives, and their connection are something I’ve always known but hope to never take for granted.

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Stories Behind the Students

I want to witness my law class in their most natural environments and ask them about why they chose to move their life & family all the way here to pursue their legal education.

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