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Choosing One Another, a Glacier National Park Elopement

"We didn't want to wait a whole year to get married, so we eloped in Glacier National Park."

Surprise! They are married. COVID-19 thwarted their original wedding plans, yet, adventurous, grounded, and madly in love Katie & Jacob decided nothing could deter an alternative, intimate ceremony in the mountains. The couple danced with Mount Cannon, Mount Brown, and Stanton Mountain giving them standing ovations; the duo laughed, smiled, and waved like royalty as the few brave tourists took in the vistas; and Jacob & Katie rocked with the waves of Lake McDonald as they privately exchanged their vows at a roadside pullout hidden in Glacier National Park that will now and forever be their place.

"My favorite part of the day was being able to have the day really focus on what was most important- our love for each other. There are so many details that can lead to stress in a big wedding, and on this day we were really able to take a step back and make the day all about us. It was all really special."




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