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Catching a Shooting Star on a Sunny Afternoon

Catching a Shooting Star on a Sunny Afternoon

Donating or discounting a photo shoots one of the easiest win-win situations I've discovered as a photographer. This year, I was fortunate enough to be approached and encouraged to provide a discounted shoot the 22nd Annual Women's Law Caucus Silent Auction to benefit Missoula YWCA's Pathways Program. The auction raised about $10,000 for the cause!

My shoot was won by Visionary and Youtube Astrologer, Adrienne Elise. Our first few attempts to schedule the shoot were thwarted by springtime rain, but the stars aligned on this ideal Montana, April afternoon. Something felt special about this day, this moment. As you can learn for yourself on Adrienne Elise’s channel, this was because there were some major energy shifts occurring as the Sun had crossed over Uranus straddling “the old and new in this intense time of re-evaluation.” If you are interested in learning more about how the changes occurring far above our world impact your vibes, check out more of Adrienne Elise’s information here →

Adrienne Elise strives to connect with her Youtube and online audience authentically and genuinely. As soon as I raised the camera, her eyes penetrated the lens and she was able to look straight at me (which is odd to say since I held a huge, black foreign mechanism of the camera in front of my face). Yet, Adrienne disarmed the odd nature of photo shoots and instantly fell into a natural rhythm. She shone so brightly and danced with the wind in the hills tucked on the north-side of the valley.

The funds for this shoot went toward an extraordinary cause. The outcome was an uplifting session witnessing a glorious woman. I feel like I got to capture this shooting star on camera.


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