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There are many things I miss about living in Bozeman, Montana that Missoula has just not been able to replicate. Some of the irreplaceable memories that will forever live in Bozeman include the network of friends I established there. Of theses kindred spirits, I had the honor of working alongside this human. Candace was part of the team that launched me over threshold and gave me the confidence to pursue my Juris Doctor degree.

Candace was in town visiting and met up with me for a hike and a river wander. There was no make-up artist, no hair stylist, no wardrobe preparation. After getting some exercise, she was so radiant just as she was we decided to do a spontaneous mini shoot on the riverbank.

During the shoot and in the editing after, I could not help but think about the genuine, no frills, deep beauty I’d just had the good fortune to capture. You see, being dolled up is a topic of regular conversation for women. For many of us, we have two versions of ourselves, our home self and our pubic self. The tension or alignment between these two selfs is a topic of regular discussion between myself and my network. It comes up with a 13-year-old I mentor. It comes up in law school in the day-to-day attending a professional educational environment and when making court or quasi-court appearances. It comes up when hub and I pack and travel, It comes up with friends.

One of my favorite conversations to have when thinking of balancing your public and private self is when the two blend until they almost cease being two different identities. The is the Candace-style of life. Even after hiking and exercising, she was ready to shine on camera. A part of me aspires to be as in sync with myself as Candace is. She connects to the deepest part of herself and lets the rest just fall away. She is at peace with the temple of her body and that level of assurance grounds her.

“Despite "lacking" make-up and most of the other things often deemed as a necessity for professional photos, I still felt beautiful in this. In fact, I feel beautiful when my legs and pits aren't shaved. I feel beautiful when my hair isn't done. I feel beautiful when surrounded with beautiful (soul-wise) company.”


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