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Good People

There are times your life intersects with another out of pure destiny. They are exactly the spice blend your life required to amp it up to a whole new level – we're talking fast food to fine dining difference here. All of a sudden there is a part of you that is being taken care of, supported, and inspired by someone you will call best friend until the end of your days.

Jen is a human you never forget after seconds with her. She is a sailor-mouthed, booty shaking warrior for all things good. Her New England upbringing, Greek roots, and deep, old soul radiates. Her dream is to own a self-sufficient, tiny homestead where she will spend her days tending to bees, singing to her garden, and adding to the world's wounds as slightly as possible.

Alongside Jen in her journey is technicolor-haired, snowboarding every day Lone Mountain is dressed in white, playing poker all the way partner, Adam. I have Adam to thank for bringing Jen to Montana years ago when they moved west in pursuit of Adam's winter-sport fairytale.

The way these two love is a marvel to witness. Most of the time, it is soft and subtle. They are bros, roommates, and co-conspirators who hold nothing back from one another. I am pretty sure laughing to tears is a regular occurrence around their home. Every now and then, as an outsider, you catch a fleeting moment of their tenderness: in a glance, in a smirk, in the way they connect.

These are good people. I am honored and humbled to consider them to be my dearest friends.


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