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Hybrid Senior: Vulnerability and Poise Without Pretense

We are a society not shy of using photos to communication thoughts, ideas, and evoke identities. We normalize the practice of launching complex concepts onto social media and other digital platforms through a smile here or wink there. We emote with exterior body language which can lessen the importance of feeling things internally.

While a photo-centric world is a perk to the demand of photography, it is also a challenge because of the habit of posturing. As a photographer, I’ve found generally if a client is automatically comfortable in front of my lens, there will be a slight lack of depth in their eyes, inauthenticity of body language, or an armored end product. The images can still look outstanding but lack a depth of genuine character. I strive to break through and capture a client’s vulnerability.

Shooting Allex’s senior photos was a reminder of why striving to catch the unicorn of authenticity matters. She engaged with the photo shoot preparation contributing ideas, planning outfits, and communicating her perspectives, opinions, and goals for the shoot. She holds a clear idea of the young woman she is presently, and remained open throughout the shoot allowing space to surprise herself and show flashes of the young woman she is becoming. Her humility translated to poise. Her confidence translated to pure power. Her photos translated to honest representations of right now which is just what senior photos ought to do.

Allex, thank you for breaking from norms by allowing yourself to be unguarded and present. Your quirks iced these images in character, allure, and beauty unlike I’ve ever and will ever see in anyone else.

Congratulations on your senior year and beyond.


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