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Every Moment Counts

I was scheduled to shoot this mama's maternity photos when she was fully poppin', but well, life happens. Every moment counts. She went into labor early, spent nearly two weeks in the hospital, and gave birth to a vibrant and healthy son. Little Thomas was very little when born. Weighing in at a mere 5 lbs. 6 oz, he was itty bitty but boy was he strong. When I first visited the happy family still in the hospital, Thomas was swaddled up but kicking like a mad man trying to let his legs and arms roam free in this new world.

Now, nearly two months old now and twice as heavy, his displeasure with being fully wrapped up remains. He likes to boogie and move. He fights sleep like a champ, but is pretty darn cute during the struggle. Mama reports that he sleeps all through the night, is a fan of tummy-time and being in uneven, cushioned positions, and since his birthday she's only spent ~3 hours (max.) at a time apart from him – I'd say she's hooked. Watching Tom and Heather parent is something special, tender, and spontaneous. All three of them are learning things together.

A few of my favorite quotes of the shoot include:

  • “Should we pretend we actually talk to one another?”

  • “You can pee all over the floor, just don't poop.”

  • “Is this ANOTHER drill bit on the floor?”

  • “Screech! Squawk! + other Thomas noises.”

Thomas, you have already grown so much. Heather and Tom, ~932 Saturdays remain between now and his 18th birthday. Every moment counts.


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