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Front Row Seat: Watching a Friend's Dream Come True

Dear Sawyer,

I've known your mama since we were foals, giddy, hopeful, awkward. Even as a teenager, she was something to behold. Your mama is strong-willed, funny, and passionate. She had an awareness for herself and for others that allowed her to be in touch with friends on a level I still don't understand.

As long as I've know her, your mama's life goal was to be YOUR mama. You see, she had a gift honed from always being a nurturer to nieces, nephews, siblings, and friends. She was the only pre-teen I knew who could confidently hold a wriggly, fragile little baby and sooth their worries away. She was the only person I knew who could balance the involved, large, and dynamic family you are now a part of.

As my friend, your mama created a warm secondary home for me. We would stay up late giggling, wander around the dark woods, and dance in dressing rooms as we tried on prom dresses. I was an early riser so you mama (and grandmama) would make sure FRIENDS was in the DVD player each morning so I could flip it on without waking anyone up. The arms-wide-open love I felt as your mama's friend is only a fraction of what she has for you.

Your mama is a rough and tough cowgirl. She is an elegant athlete. She is a force to be reckoned with. You, little man, you made all her dreams come true.




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