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Power of a Woman

When someone's inner beauty shines so brightly, it is a tragedy to not catch it on camera. In that way, it is immortalized. In that way, she can see what the world does. At first, timid expressions, shy posing, and the click click click dominate. After a few moments, the attitude, the courage, and the power cannot help but seep out through the smile, the gestures, and the eyes.

I strongly believe every woman ought to bask in the glow of her own splendor. We look and see others everyday and then critically view ourselves for mere glamorous seconds as we wash our faces, brush our teeth, or do our hair. In those moments, we are often silent or vocal faultfinders.

Without vanity (but with a tinge of pride), I would encourage every woman to step outside of herself and in front of a lens to see what the world sees. Head held high or timid chin tucked in, allowing yourself to be yourself and showcasing it.

I assure you – you will glow.

Longtime friend Crystal joined me in the subzero temperatures to warm Bozeman up with her light.

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