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This Time There Was a Ring on Her Finger

On the theme of creating a legacy of shots throughout the lifetime of a family, I first was introduced to Kaitlyn and Eli three years ago when Eli's sister, Emily, bought them a couple shoot for a gift. With intentionality in wanting to keep the shoot lighthearted and not engagement-y, we all rambled around Bozeman's fairground gathering a crowd while they ate cotton candy, played carnival games, and celebrated the magnetic dynamism they shared. (You can check that session recap here.)

A few weeks ago, Kaitlyn reached out to me again. Eli had covertly planned a picnic at Bozeman Pond, hid his sister in a bush across the water with her camera, and proposed to his best friend. The bubbly, quirky, and always laughing pair were in need of updated photos – this time there was a ring on her finger. Together, they made an evening journey to Bozeman to allow me to document and celebrate their next chapter.


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