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Everything I Could Ask For in a Senior Shoot

The past few weeks have reinforced the loyalty and longevity found in becoming a part of someone's family unit when shooting them. They get used to the format and style of your brand. In the rapport, there are less frozen smiles, less anxiety leading into the shoot, and more trust in the outcome. Four years ago, I shot the Mund/Hould Family. Two years ago, I shot Cooper Mund's senior photos. This year, I got to shoot Bailey Mund's senior photos.

When I first met Bailey, he was compliant in the photo process. When he showed up on the postcard-worthy, 70+ degree Montana fall day for his own photo session, he was malleable, responsive to instruction, and invested in the process. He was there for himself, and his full presence translated in authentic, warm, and versatile images.

Bailey quiet confidence and natural charisma extended out to something that was still rather new to him and served as a physical representation of his hard work and pride: his truck. Spit and polished, it shone in the golden light like a black mirror.

The day was everything I could ask for in a Montana afternoon. Bailey was everything I could ask for in a senior.

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