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Modern Family Done Professionally, Traditionally, and Passionately

When you set out and accomplish your wildest dreams, there is an atmosphere of gentle satisfaction when they start coming true. The first moments I spent with Jordan, Garrett, and Emily Cornwell were oozing of such vibes.

High school sweethearts, married young, and newly welcomed into parenthood, the little family is joyful and intentionally traditional. Two parents with college educations, they've molded their lives around creating their world to be exactly what they want. Jordan has fulfilled her highest dreams of being a mom and wife, and Garrett is father and husband all the while acquiring a profession that allows him to work from any satellite location and he chooses his base of operations to be his home. They are truly examples of professional parents. I must say they are stunning at it.

In a bare all, authentic fashion Jordan and Garrett have committed a large amount of their time to creating video content that allows those outside of their tight-knit club to see behind the curtains. You may view more of this family here on Jordan's channel and here Jordan and Garrett's channel.


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