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The Crazy Beautiful Life of Jameson Will

This is a love story like no other. Unlike the patterns we are accustom to reading about, this tale has rising and falling actions galore – it has climaxes and denouements smack dab in the middle of the introduction. Pain is a pervasive character. But so is her sister, Hope. Still, at its core, this is a story about two independent entities finding a way to become one narrative together in a life that is simply put, crazy beautiful.

Noelle and Cody's relationship started as one of a long term friendship. They both attended the same small high school in the same small graduating class of '08. They went their separate ways after graduation, only to slowly find their way back into one another lives. Before they knew it, he was making the journey across the Badlands seeking her company.

With hundreds of miles separating them, they could never know the odyssey awaiting them and still, both dove fearlessly into the unknown heart, body, and soul. The next five years could fill a library with sections titled 'Lost & Found' 'Family' 'In Sickness & In Health.' Just as they accepted the ever-volatile nature of their life, Cody and Noelle found that the winds subsided, the clouds broke revealing a small little blessing named Jameson Will.

Jameson will forever be the personification of his parents' resilience to the elements in the world outside of their control.

Jameson will live in a world shaped by his mother and father's ambition and dedication to create a life of stability and safety.

And Jameson will have his own guardian angel, his elder brother, watching him every step of the way.


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