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  • Brittney Dahlberg

Argyle Sweater and Baby Blues

Photos have a remarkable way of marking time. The importance of consistently updated visual chapters in a child's life is extraordinary when the power of memories alone begins to fade. Each blink of an eye can be a flip-book of moments. Photos bring those blurring recollections rushing back with acute vividness.

When I learned that I would be shooting a little man who, since birth, has had very few photos taken of him, I was humbled. I would be the one to provide his family with such a long-term treasure to look back on in a week, a month, or years down the road after he has changed so much.

In meeting little Cortland, this my humility turned into pure glee. Smiley, handsome, and relentlessly curious, Cortland, Mama, and I explored the airport, nearby park and then failed in attempting to have the family dogs cooperate for a shot. I present, Cortland in his argyle sweater and baby blues.

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