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  • Brittney Dahlberg

First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage, Then Comes... Poppy!

I first met Lexie in a salon. She was bubbly, overflowing with a sweet, genuine, and contagious personality. When I learned her and her fiance were getting married and had not scheduled a photographer to witness the day, I gleefully pitched my portfolio, and we worked out an exchange of services so there would be a visual record of their big day.

After shooting their intimate wedding ceremony, I knew I would be seeing more of this beautiful family.

Awhile later, although it seemed like not that much time had passed, I received the happy news. Mr. & Mrs. Christiansen were expecting. I seized the opportunity to chart the transformational growth for the little family. Ryan, Lexie, and Lulu were all overflowing with the curiosity of who this new little person would be and with joy at knowing that their lives were never going to be the same.

Baby Poppy graced the world December 8th, 2014. From the time she was first held, she has not let go of her families' hearts. Poppy can be quirky, sleeping only when there is not something more exciting going on and grunting loudly and proudly as she digests. Poppy can be grumpy, a mirror image of her grandpa. Poppy can be hilarious, communicating with a variety of faces that would put a crew of mimes to shame. She overflows with personality, and I cannot wait to see her bloom.


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