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  • Brittney Dahlberg

Picture Perfect Family

Passion needs an ignition switch to set it on fire. I had the equipment, the time and the knowledge to dip my toes into professional photography, but it was this little family that gave me the inspiration.

Allow me to introduce the Dahlberg Family:

The Dad. Fun-loving and hard working, Jesse is the kind of man who will always do anything for his family. I have seen him under great amounts of stress being cool as a cucumber with the focus on the safety and comfort of his wife and children first and foremost. He is easy to laugh and he shares that joyous spirit with those around him always looking for an adventure or moment where he can make the mundane a little more memorable.

The Mom. Let me rephrase that, the Professional Mom. Stunning to behold and always so warm and welcoming, Stephanie selflessly pours herself into the well being of her family. She has been a keystone in the growth of her two brilliant and intuitive little men. They look at the world around them with curiosity, hope and courage because of her guidance. Each time I see her, I cannot help but grin year-to-year because that is just the kind of person she is. Smart, witty, mischievous and driven, Stephanie takes the roles of mother, wife and woman to a whole new level.

The Big Brother. I have never met a more perceptive little man than Kasey. He will watch, listen and observe adult conversations. After a time, he will give his opinion right on point and at the same level of cognition the adults are speaking at. Quick to pick up on puzzles, patterns and tricks, no magic, maze, or problem is too big for him to conquer. Spending time with Kasey is like spending time with a best friend.

The Baby Brother. He has always made those around him infinitely happier. Now that there are words and thought processing occurring, that is evermore true. Fearless, act first, think later and don't stop until you are too exhausted to do anything else are all traits that make Emerson one heck of a kid to keep up with but his hugs, laughs and showmanship make every second worth the effort.

The Baby. Little sister will be introduced to this family Dec 2014. We cannot wait. I bet she cannot either. She will be joining a crew of the most fiercely loyal and loving people out there. I cannot wait to meet you!

I am blessed to share the photos of this family, my family, to the world! Many many many more to come soon so stay tuned!


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