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Adrenaline Rush—Going Forth With Intention, Focus and Authenticity

Some seniors polish themselves until they shine for their senior photos. They choose a perfect day to shoot, pick their perfect outfit(s) and get that one shot that will forever trigger memories of high school, of growing and of change.

Then there are those select few who take their senior photos exactly like they live their lives—a little muddy, a little rainy and a whole lot of unique.

My photo shoot with Cooper Mund was the later. I had the phenomenal opportunity to see Cooper in action prior to his senior session. Witnessing his ability to take control his of a full throttle KTM and have the roaring machine do as he bid was an experience of sheer power, grace and noise.

When we had the one-on-one session later, that same essence of the utmost control overriding a strong undercurrent of passion set the tone for the afternoon. Cooper started with the level of conversation at a minimum. Respectful but distant, with each shot, I saw more and more of his personality overflow onto his exterior.

By the end, I even got a few smiles out of him. Cooper shot like he rides—with great intention, focus and authenticity.


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