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Summer Lovin' Had Me a Blast...

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

Last week I got to finish a photo shoot that has been over seven months in the making. Its inception came from my young co-worker who was seeking that perfect Christmas gift for her brother and her brother's girlfriend. From my point of view, the answer always is a photoshoot! Emily presented the gift in the form of a wrapped-up certificate. And so I was introduced to my to-be models, Eli and Kaitlyn.

From the start, these two were quirky, fun-loving and a bundle of joy. To match their personalities, Kaitlyn requested we postpone the actual day of the shoot until the summer—specifically the FAIR!

On site, it took about five seconds to see that this would be the ideal venue for the stunning couple. Goofy, laughing and smiling at the camera like naturals, they became quite the spectacle at our little small town fairground. People politely dodged and broke around the many vignettes we stopped to shoot near. The sky was smoky but the absolute genuine love these two harbored for one another broke through the evening air and provided perfect visibility.

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