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Yellow with Black Suspenders & Midnight Purple Calla Lilies

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

Families come in many shapes and sizes and happen on their own timeline. On July 19th I witnessed the Spencer family's union as Amanda and Matt formalized a bond many years in the making. Their two daughters and little man partook in the touching and sentimental day.

When I first met the couple I was promised a relaxed, simple and sweet ceremony. They delivered with added elements of luxury and elegance, home-style and tenderness. The atmosphere brought with it a lack of complexity resulting from teamwork and authenticity of everyone present. Each guest felt like a family member and every family member welcomed me as if I were one of them too.

The day unfolded as I beheld Spencer move from Amanda's 'Thing' to Amanda's Husband.

To capture everything in one phrase, the bride and groom let me know 'We want to be married, apart from that, nothing else really matters." That is love.

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